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Practice with a world-class ensemble, anytime.

The Sit-ins music player comes loaded with sample music.  No registration or credit card necessary.

Mac and windows compatible
  • Volume mixer

    Control the volume of each instrument, or turn individual channels off completely.

  • Playback speed

    Slow down the tempo to learn those hard parts, or speed it up to challenge yourself to play tighter.

  • Notation view

    Play the entire piece or loop short sections.

Practice made productive.

By playing along with master players, you no longer have to wonder if you're in tune or tempo. With Sit-ins, you can listen to how the players shape their phrasing; watch how they tap into their expression; study their bowing and fingering; and then- join them.  

Smarter than your average sheet music.

The notation strip follows along with each note and every measure in real time. You can even focus on perfecting those tricky arrangements by looping a selection, and it always stays in sync with the performance video so that you get all the visual cues for proper bowing and fingering. 

  • pachabel
  • beethoven
  • grieg
  • mozert

An ever-expanding repertoire waiting to be mastered.

Our ever-expanding library features tracks for all skill levels, masterfully played by award-winning quartets.


Practice people love.

Just downloaded your app; tried it; love it!!! Posted it to our page.

The Slipper

All the pieces I have purchased are just fantastic! You have created an excellent practice tool - very impressive! I'm looking forward to the additional music. Thanks again for your kind help!

Lawrence B. Seattle, WA

Every once in a while something really amazing comes along... how cool is this??

Richard R. Facebook Fan

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